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Byron Dunn, 

I created powerlineman in 1997 on the cutting edge of the internet. After twenty years of trying to keep up with the “cutting edge”, when Facebook came along, I was not interested, Social Media? Not interested. I figured its just a fad. I had pretty much thrown in the towel when it came to “Social Media” and learning something new. At 63 years old and twenty years involved in the internet, I wasn’t willing to deal with this new thing. At the same time, our Forums were in decline.

By happen chance, I had known Amanda for many years as a friend but, not known what her business is.

At a local party, I mentioned to her my distress with having to learn Facebook and deal with Social Media and she became interested in my dilemma. This is her foray. In a short time, Amanda has directed traffic back to the Forums. She has made our presence known on social media, and energized our business!

I love this girl!!! Entirely.


Eric Stevens, Farewell Birds and Pest Control 

I had great experience with Amanda. She is super friendly. She designed my website really well. Very happy with the way it turned out!!

Mary Bruck, Vibrant Health Ayurveda 

I loved working with Amanda. If you have website needs, she is your “WebGirl”!! I needed someone who was passionate about health and wellness and attentive to detail and creative. I had a good amount of complicated information and we needed to simplify it and bring it up to date. She did all of that PLUS – she gave me strategies for increasing traffic to my site which did not include google ad words as I was on a limited budget. She went way above and beyond my requirements and did a stellar job.

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My Web Dev Girl

You deserve a design that meets your business objectives and that of your users. Great design is equitable, helpful, enjoyable, and usable by people with average or below average technical skills and experience.

I love the feeling of delighting my clients with results and under-promising. I spend my time working through the entire Design Thinking process to achieve a solution or function design that beats the competition. I put my whole heart into everything I do, and that’s the best design “trick” you can use.

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