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Byron Dunn, 

I created powerlineman in 1997 on the cutting edge of the internet. After twenty years of trying to keep up with the “cutting edge”, when Facebook came along, I was not interested, Social Media? Not interested. I figured its just a fad. I had pretty much thrown in the towel when it came to “Social Media” and learning something new. At 63 years old and twenty years involved in the internet, I wasn’t willing to deal with this new thing. At the same time, our Forums were in decline.

By happen chance, I had known Amanda for many years as a friend but, not known what her business is.

At a local party, I mentioned to her my distress with having to learn Facebook and deal with Social Media and she became interested in my dilemma. This is her foray. In a short time, Amanda has directed traffic back to the Forums. She has made our presence known on social media, and energized our business!

I love this girl!!! Entirely.


Eric Stevens, Farewell Birds and Pest Control 

I had great experience with Amanda. She is super friendly. She designed my website really well. Very happy with the way it turned out!!

Mary Bruck, Vibrant Health Ayurveda 

I loved working with Amanda. If you have website needs, she is your “WebGirl”!! I needed someone who was passionate about health and wellness and attentive to detail and creative. I had a good amount of complicated information and we needed to simplify it and bring it up to date. She did all of that PLUS – she gave me strategies for increasing traffic to my site which did not include google ad words as I was on a limited budget. She went way above and beyond my requirements and did a stellar job.

UX/UI Design Necessities

11 Things Your Web Design Needs, at Minimum 

  1. Visitors know exactly what your site is about in 5 seconds of being there.
  2. You have a call-to-action button above the fold.
  3. Your contact/location information is easy to find, wherever you are on your site.
  4. Your site is aesthetically pleasing and functionally easy to use. If your site looks out of date, it will appear you are out of business. A modern look is so important.
  5. Relevant, original and useful content is written in a way that your guest can easily read it. You have to write your own content and use royalty-free images, you cannot just use information off Google. A good source for free images is Unsplash or Pixabay.
  6. Each page has a minimum of 800 words for it to show up in Google Search Results. Soon, if not now the standards are moving to 2,000-5,000 words per page.
  7. Your site has several layers of security in place. Robots are running rampant all over the web these days and your site needs to be protected.
  8. Your site is GDPR compliant if you are selling or advertising in the UK.
  9. You are ACA compliant (meaning accessible) if you are brick and mortar or municipality.
  10. Analytics tools are in place to measure the performance of your website. A couple of examples include Google Analytics, HotJar, and aHrefs.
  11. Proper hosting is crucial to a good foundation for growth with your site. You do not want a website that will crash because the server can’t handle large amounts of traffic or content. We recommend Siteground.


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My Web Dev Girl

You deserve a design that meets your company business and is easy for your users to interact with. I love the feeling of delighting my clients with results and under-promising. I spend my time working through the entire Design Thinking process to achieve a solution or function design that beats the competition.  I put my whole heart into everything I do and that’s the best design “trick” you can use. 

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