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Instagram Video with Jason Hsiao who works for Animoto

Animoto is a video editing mobile application to make IG stories cool.

  • Take your top blogs and transform those into video, those are most likely to succeed and be a big hit!

Instagram Stories Best Practices

  • Create for mobile and with sound off
  • Use vertical pictures/video because it has more real estate, do not use horizontal shots
  • Authenticity is far more important than being funny
  • Authenticity is better than being polished and perfect because it does better than polished up video by 57%
  • Authenticity is trust
  • Put the best photo/video first in your stories

All About Instagram Stories with @quinn.tempest

  • Look at your instagram feed as a landing page, these pictures last forever.
  • Your stories are temporary, easier to navigate and more popular but it’s okay to be less “on brand”.
  • QUESTIONS: come back to this and really answer these questions for your company. Copy and paste this into an email to yourself, make a goal to do it this week, or tonight. What does your audience care about? What problem are they trying to solve? What makes you unique? What are competitors doing? What gap can you fill? What does your brand stand for? Get to the heart that beats behind your brand, capture the ethos.
  • How to tell a story on IG stories. Beginning, Middle, End.
    • Beginning – what are you going to tell them.
    • Middle – Give it to them.
    • End – Call to Action.
  • Understanding the Analytics
    • Tapping forward is okay
    • Back is awesome
    • Next story = not engaging or too long
    • Exit = who knows
  • Create a visual strategy
    • Use stickers to create engagement
    • Create a highlight story, FAQ, Shopping, Educational lessons
    • Mind the guides (iPhones)
    • Use a dedicated planning tool (Later, Apphi, Planly) for analytics
    • Bridge your followers off the gram, ebooks, video training
    • Go deeper and go back to the questions listed above

Instagram Influencers with Billabong

Sidenote: Phil Zito podcast is really good I hear..

  • Craft creative partnerships that surprise your audience and offer more than just an image. Find influencers who tell a bigger story than just an image. They have a lifestyle that people want or are speaking for a cause.
  • How can you create a community of people talking about your brand?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Local SEO with Shelly Faun who works for SEMRush

  • Upload images frequently to Google My Business, do not use stock photos.
  • TOOLS: Local Falcon (cheaper alternative to Yext)
  • Create a Google Short Link
  • Deploy EAT strategies, Expertise, Authority, Trust
  • Have to have About Us page and you may include the following:
    • Team members, it’s important to show your people
    • Include memberships, awards, associations…
    • Show your values, what is your promise to your customers
    • Client testimonials for Schemal reviews, generate customer reviews from your real site, don’t copy and paste from social media or Google.
    • Client Case Studies
    • Community Involvement activity
  • Featured Snippets: these are the “People also ask” questions you see on google search results. How do you get into these results? Become a topic expert for your business by writing on topic feature snippets. Get placed organically, and then add feature snippets to your schema markup code. It’s all about the markup.
  • MORE TOOLS: Google Search Console URL Inspector Tool, Keyword Magic Tool by SemRush
  • Local Link Building Ideas: community involvement, local sponsorship. Support business associations, get into a chamber… All of these organizations will link back to your site.

Avoid Keyword Cannibalization with Ali Berry who works for The Motley Fool

Keyword Cannibalization is when one or more pages are ranking for the same keyword. Take one down, redirect it, beef up the one you want to keep and voila.

How to improve pages:

  • keyword optimization
  • no stuffing
  • content expansion/re-write
  • meta-data improvements
  • internal/external linking guest blogs
  • schema improvements
  • see what competitors are doing and what can you do differently
  • use the Google Search Console Link Report, go to page and you get a list of pages linking to it, monitor and adjust
  • QA schema markup
  • Results take time!!! Unless you have an authoritative site it can take 1-2 months
  • Return to your optimizations and study your competitors

    Email Marketing

    Email Fung Shui

    • Clear the clutter, no flowery explanation, all you need is a discount, a header and a call to action (CTA) also known as a button or phone number.
    • Have abundant white space
    • Use clean bold CTA’s with plenty of white space around it
    • Have only one CTA if you need to have a second make it a ghost button and rarely use it
    • Multiple choice buttons do awesome, for example:
      • I’m buying my first home
      • I’m buying my next home
      • I’m here for a rental
      • I’m just browsing
      • Or “Yes, No”
    • Always write your CTA first, this will determine the other elements of your email
    • Segment and personalize your list, do not send your entire list the same email
    • During business hours have a CALL US call to action, and during after hours, say YES, I’M STILL INTERESTED on your call to action.

    4 automatic emails that work

    1. Welcome Email – subscribe to list/download with opt-in/purchase with opt-in
    2. Date Based emails – birthdays, capture b-day’s in contact forms on the website, anniversary (you’ve been a customer for 10 years, here is a gift)
    3. Content Nurturing – Automate a follow to pdf downloads for “I thought you might be interested in this” map the starting point, outline the journey, create and automate as much as you can!
    4. Story Nurturing – pick up where content nurturing leaves off, these are your feel good stories, the success story of a client who transformed.

    2 More Email Tips

    1. Track triggers, how many times people clicked on your cta, your website link, the image…
    2. Use an Email Service Provider (ESP), ie. Mailchimp, Active Campaign, Emma and then make your developers integrate it into the website with web hooks, api’s and a bit of their own marketing creativity.

      Artificial Intelligence Analytics 

      Behavioral Science with Brian Massey on Conversion Success

      We are all naturally conducting behavioral analysis without realizing it. If a service or product has 10 5-star reviews and it’s competition has 250 4-star reviews we know that the larger set of reviews is likely to be most accurate than the small set. The small set seems inconclusive. “We use other people’s behavior to dictate what to buy, for example, looking at likes, shares, comments…”

      Emails that start with a numerical number had a higher open rate, for example, 9 Types of Roofing Material.

      Brian also had a slide with a lot of tools used for the behavioral analysis of websites, landing pages, and social media accounts. for example tracks eye movement, which is more valuable than a heatmap or click tracking.

      By asking “What almost kept you from buying today” right after someone makes a purchase on your site, you can get valuable feedback immediately. A site I was on did this to me a week or so before going to the Denver Digital Summit, it wasn’t intrusive and I actually gave my feedback.

      Location Data

      You can figure out people’s daily patterns and perhaps predict where they are intending to go next, based on where they went yesterday. So if someone goes to a casual Chinese Restaurant and we collect data suggesting they frequent casual dining we can market casual dining to them, and fine dining to those who prefer to frequent a more finer experience.

      The key is “location provides context, context provides intent”. If you know where a person was before you can try to predict where they are going, and catch them before they go.

      If you collect more data on these individuals, age, family status… then you can target a broader audience with these similar attributes by creating a look-a-like audience, based on this smaller pool of data.

      Findings Indicate Democrats and Republicans Live in the Same Neighborhoods

      There was also a super interesting study that shows a map of the residential locations for democratic and republican voters. There were very obvious clusters of red and blue all over this map indicating that liberals and conservatives, for whatever reason, are all attracted to the same neighborhoods.There is no way for them to know who lives their already and their prospective neighbors voting preference when they choose that house.

        A General & Yet Inspiring Session

        Marketing in General with @leighgeorge

        Go and follow her now if you are a marketing nerd. She is factual, hilarious, and completely relatable.

        • The challenge isn’t reaching customers it’s avoiding bad experiences
        • Popups are holding people hostage
        • Tech isn’t disrupting the industry customers are
        • Provide a feeling your customers can’t get anywhere else
        • Companies help with their passions not the other way around
        • A John Jay ad is a great example of a good ad. On the left side the title was “3 reasons to go to John Jay” (a school for attorneys) on the right side, a list of three unarmed black gentlemen killed by police officers. That was it. The ad didn’t need anything else, the message was strong and simple.
        • The Screen Time app helps you understand how much time you are spending on social media
        • She Board is a keyboard that help women captures language that is gender neutral or feminine.

        How can you make customers lives easier and better? A brand doing this exceptionally is they have created a community. On his site, they allow you to create your own yard signs for his campaign. What can you do to help connect a community?

          Random Useful Keynote Speakers

          Seth Godin – I have videos of him if you want these. He was interesting.

          Reshma Saujani founder & CEO of Girls Who Code

          Reshma is helping young girls from all over the world transform their emotional energy into solutions for environmental, social, political, and economic issues. I just LOVE her! I was so captivated by this woman I didn’t take any notes. She was the only keynote speaker to get a standing ovation from some of the audience members. I am currently reading her book Brave, Not Perfect. She is life goals.

          The scientific secret of perfect timing and how to structure your work day and Doctor visits

          We are most productive after we wake up from a nights sleep, least productive in the afternoon, and then it spikes back up a little bit in the evening. Night owls and morning people have different peak times of productivity and that is just fine!!! Not everyone needs to peak at 6 in the morning. Schedule your meetings according to who you are scheduling these with. If you are meeting with a bunch of night owls, host your meetings in the late morning.

          These findings also indicate that it is crucial to never book an appointment with a medical Dr. in the afternoon!!! Just don’t do it! More drugs are prescribed and more health concerns are diagnosed and found in the afternoon than in the morning. Save yourself and your family by only booking Dr.’s appointments in the morning.

          LIWC, a natural language processing (aka artificial intelligence) tool, analyzed a large pool of social media posts and found out when people are happiest during the day, it was definitely in the morning and early evening.

          Random facts also found by this speaker and his studies, 29 year olds are mostly likely to run their first marathon and always give bad news first, no matter how uncomfortable it makes you.

          Terrell Davis – Reward for loyalty, cable companies suck at this!

          If a customer stays with you for a long time treat them for it. An example company that doesn’t do this is cable companies. Every year our cable bills rise, even if you’re with them for 10+ years. That’s not cool! The Airlines mileage rewards program is a great example of long term reward systems.