Digital Marketing

What Goes Into Online Marketing?

  • Social Media - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, and so many more. Find a complete list of the world's largest online social networks here or here.
  • Engagement - is more important than getting page likes or followers. When you monitor each social media account, you immediately find out how customers are responding to your brand.
  • Blogs - are a way to educate your customers about product benefits and unique features. Blogs increase your SEO by stuffing your website with educational content.
  • Landing pages - give your customers more information about your product(s) and allows you to capture their information: ie. name, email, phone number, company name, or give something away.
  • Content creation - ideas are abundant, but taking the time to do the work that brings these ideas to life is the trouble for busy business owners.
  • Newsletters - create an ongoing one-on-one conversation between you and your prospects. Conversion rates are very high for newsletter campaigns.
  • Paid Advertising - brings a lot of traffic to your website and puts your brand in front of more people. Google Ads, Facebook and Instagram Boost are just some examples of paid advertising.
  • Influencer Advertising - is finding bloggers and major social medialites to mention your brand on their social networks. Fostering relationships with influencers in your industry is going to give you some much needed exposure and street credit.
  • Analytics Reporting - at the end of every month to review how your efforts are paying off. Reports allow you to make plans of improvements for future marketing plans.

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