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If you are looking for a free SEO audit we can get you one within 24 hours. We will run your website through our software and then analyze any holes your Search Engine Optimization might have. We will advise you of the best next steps and help you determine how to rank higher on Google fast.

Free SEO Audit

An Example Audit Report

Here is an example of an audit we’ve done in the past. We’ve ran each URL for your website through our software and uploaded the results to Google Sheets. Each column represents an important SEO metric, for example, page word count. We then added conditional formatting to each column to determine where there is room for improvement. The red indicates room for improvement, the yellow means, we can improve here but it’s not as important and the green is good. You will get a link to this Google Sheets report. Once we’ve finished the report we will set up a time with you to review the report and review it together.

Some of the SEO Metrics That We Measure

Title 1: More than 50 characters
Title 1 Pixel width: Greater than 920px 
Meta Description: More than 158 characters
Meta Description Pixel width: More than 920px
H1-1: Just need one on the page
H2-1: Just need one on the page
H2-2: Just need one on the page
Word Count: Minimum 500, 1800 is the sweet spot for SEO, and 5,000-10,000 is a way to demolish the competition. 

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