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How to Get Sales Quickly on Google 


Use Google Local Services

Google Local Services is one paid advertising service that Google offers. It’s similar to pay per click ads but better.

Local services has generated a lot of leads for my clients, and it only took a couple of minutes to set up. Local Services isn’t for all types of companies though. You must be in the home service industries; this includes but not limited to house cleaners, plumbers, electricians, electricians, pest control, window washing, water repair, the list goes on.

To find out if your company can sign-up, follow this link and start filling out their application process. They make it simple and easy.  

For some reason, Google doesn’t offer all the services they list in all cities. For example, when we tried to run an ad for photography, Google said, “Local Services ads aren’t yet available in your area. Add your name and phone number below to be contacted when new cities and areas are added.” We entered our information and will see if they ever to start advertising for it in our area.

Photography and Event Planner were two services that seem to be the oddballs out in their list of acceptable companies. All other services that Google Local Services lists are more relevant to residential service providers like junk removal or auto service technician. Perhaps this helps explain why we were unable to launch a photography ad. 

Background Check, License & Insurance

Google will do a background check on you and will know if you have a criminal history. If your industry requires a license and insurance, then Google will also verify that you do indeed have these credentials. Don’t lie and try to get around it. Even if you are a photographer, Google wants you to have General Liability Insurance. 

Once Approved…

Once you are approved, you will start receiving contacts requesting information about your company. Some people will be window shopping and only want to know what your price is. Others will determine that you are the best company to solve their problem and pick you which is exciting! Congratulate yourself on making the easiest sale you’ve ever done. 

You do pay for every contact that comes in even if they don’t choose you, but the price is made up for the several others that do want to work with you.  

Case Studies

We told a few of our clients about Local Services, and they went and signed up immediately. After getting approved, they reported back to us that they received several leads a week and got a couple of sales.

Our pest control company specifically got three sales in his first week, which is a big deal because he is a brand-new company and working full time at his other company as he grows his new one. Signing up for Google Local Services was the best thing he could have done right off the bat. 

Google Guarantee Badge

The cool thing about signing up for Google Local Services is that they give you a Google Guarantee Badge of Trust. Anything you can do to prove that you are an excellent company and build trust is recommended.

Getting a Google Guarantee badge also means that if someone is referred to you by Google and that customer is unsatisfied with their first purchase from you, Google will refund them up to $2,000. 

Have you tried it? How did it go? We want to hear everything? Leave a comment.