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 Updated: 10/28/2019

Longmont CO, is one very interactive and connected community of good people. We may be nearly 100,000 people, but we have that small-town feel. Longmont was founded in 1870 by a group of men from Chicago who sold memberships to people wanting to live here. They took the money from their memberships and bought a bunch of land and then called it Longmont. From land with nothing on it to today’s progressive city with the best internet connection in the country. Everything is in your favor for having a successful online marketing plan.  

What is Digital Marketing in Longmont, Colorado? 

Digital marketing encompasses many tactics and strategies to generate sales successfully and to get leads from online communications. Several tactics work for all types of companies, and those include the following. 


Local Search Engine Optimization 

Search Engine Optimization involves not only optimizing your website for search engines but also your Google My Business listing. A business listing on Google will get your company showing up on Google Maps when people search for your services or products. If you don’t have one yet, go and get one now or call me and I will help you get one set up.  

Google is quickly changing the way they show company information on their search results. They are making it harder and harder to find your website link and are trying to show as much information as they can on Google itself. The only reason someone might go to your website is if they have to or need more info than what Google can provide. 

I love doing Search Engine Optimization for companies, so call me if you want more referrals from your website and from Google itself. 720-210-3076


Blogging will Show You are an Authority in the Industry

We live in a world where you can easily find any information on the internet, and you want to be the one giving it to the people. Blogging helps you show up on Google easier and faster, which helps put more people in front of your brand and helps with brand recognition. Blogs also help show that you have been in the industry for many years and that you know what you are doing. If you don’t have time to Blog, hire a ghostwriter to do it for you. They will get a blog post 90% of the way there for you, all you have to do is add in a touch of your specialized knowledge, and it gets done quickly. 


Social Media

I recommend picking one and doing it really well. What type of audience you have will determine which social platform you need to choose. A national brand doing something creative like soap making or pottery should look at Pinterest. Business to Business companies need to be on LinkedIn and Business to Consumer brands need to be on Facebook. Sometimes NextDoor makes sense for local companies too. We recommend Twitter for Startups who need PR because it’s easy to connect with journalists from Forbes and other large media sources. 


Graphic Design & Videography

Longmont has many prime locations to put up flyers and let the locals know an event is coming up or you have something sweet to offer. Main Street shops, local coworking spaces, the post around Main St. are just a few places your banners will be seen. Brian Bishop, with Real Original, has been doing a great job with producing commercials for our local restaurants and shop owners. Check out his work here.


Paid Advertising

If you are an established company and want a significant boost in sales. Paid Advertising is the best way to get that. You may pay for Facebook Ads or Google Pay Per Click ads. Start with a small budget and test some ads out. If you are getting a high conversion, then stop all the other ads and put more money into that. Here is a great video showing you how to get leads for $0.15 on Facebook. 

Read more about what goes into a successful online marketing plan


Several industries within the Longmont business community will benefit for specific reasons.

How Will Restaurants Benefit from Social Media Marketing?

  • Bring awareness to your events by recommending it to people in the area. With more awareness, you will have higher attendance.
  • Attract tourists, transplants, and other expats to your happy hour or events.
  • New restaurants will be known faster with exposure to more people online.
  • Only a couple of restaurants in Longmont are doing this well, so you have a lot of room to put your name in front of new guest and increase your regulars.

How Will Accountants Benefit from Digital Marketing?

  • Educate your customers and prospects by easily sharing tips and articles.
  • Put your name at the forefront of the minds of your prospects by posting regularly. Next time that person has a problem, you are going to be the person he/she thinks to contact.
  • Quickly expand your clientele to the nation by using Facebook and boosting your post.

How Are Medical Professionals Going to Benefit?

  • Educate more people on the health benefits of your healing methods before they walk into your office and bring new customers in the door.
  • Listen to your customers and respond to their posts about medical concerns.
  • Build a community around your practice with reviews, customer engagement, and communication.
  • Easily stay connected with your customers after they leave your office.

How Will All Organizations in Longmont, CO Benefit from Marketing in Online Communities?

  • You will receive instant customer feedback on your services or products. You will be able to respond quickly to those commenting great and bad things about you.
  • Listen and learn about what your community needs and wants by monitoring the Facebook post of other Longmont residents.
  • Your company will have a valuable conversation with many people in one single post. One Facebook post is like speaking to a whole conference room of people.
  • Competition is rising in our growing city, so keep ahead of it by staying active on Facebook. Keep an eye on your game, too, and keep snooping around their page.
  • Stay up to date about what other businesses are doing in the area with Facebook monitoring.
  • Find community partnerships easier by supporting other Facebook Business pages.
  • Give back to the community by reaching more people and offering specials to a broader audience.

I thank you with my whole heart for reading this post. Leave your questions below. I respond and read every single on. 🙂