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Longmont Web Design

A Few of Our Longmont Web Design Projects

Attorney – Brewer Law LLC

Kurt Brewer is a Business and Real Estate Attorney here in Longmont and needed a website redesign. He was paying another agency $100 a month. We took him to a static HTML, CSS, and JS site that is low maintenance and is no longer paying a monthly fee. He has a full client base as many attorneys do and do not need his website to work for him; therefore, we set him up with a beautiful static site that showcases what he does, without having any of the bulk from a Content Management System.

Accountant – Eight One Partners

Ian Netherton is a forward-thinking accountant and founder of a tech startup. He needed a futuristic and modern website that displays his creativity and progressive approach to finance. He also has a nice client base and does not require extra help with online marketing. We gave him a static site that is low maintenance, unique, and beautiful. Without trying, he unexpectedly received a positive response in SEO and found clients from those stumbling across his website online.

Startup – CacheQ

CacheQ is a software company changing the way software developers deploy their applications. They are making huge waves in the industry and need a website that translates their complex solutions in a user-friendly and modern style. This interactive site is fun for users, and combined with their PR team; it has generated several leads for them after we launched.

Engineers – Zebulon Solutions

A company that helps startups bring their ideas from prototyping to manufacturing. Zebulon Solutions came to us needing a WordPress redesign. They had recently filmed a commercial and wanted to showcase it. We found the perfect theme to highlight it on the website. We came up with a few custom graphics to showcase their workflow, and the site came out exceptionally well.

About Working with My Web Dev Girl

It’s a dream that you love your website, and I can help you get there.

After talking to you and determining what you need, we will begin the design process. Together, we will collect images and other text you need for the site. You will receive a link to the testing site so that you can watch the live progress of your web design as it’s happening. 

As a Longmont native, I love supporting the wonderful people who run businesses here.

Why work with My Web Dev Girl

  • Convenience
  • Honesty
  • Exceeding Expectations
  • Animated Web Design
  • Beautiful, Clean and Modern 

I love the feeling of delighting my clients with results and under-promising. I take the time to get to know your company and then create a game plan that fits your budget and goals. I put my whole heart into everything I do and that’s the best marketing “trick” you can use. 


Byron Dunn, 

I created powerlineman in 1997 on the cutting edge of the internet. After twenty years of trying to keep up with the “cutting edge”,, when Facebook came along, I was not interested, Social Media? Not interested… Just a fad…. I had pretty much thrown in the towel when it came to “Social Media” and learning something new…At 63 years old and twenty years involved in the internet,… I wasn’t willing to deal with this new thing. At the same time, our Forums were in decline.

By happen chance, I had known Amanda for many years as a friend but, not known what her business is…

At a local party, I mentioned to her my distress with having to learn Facebook and deal with Social Media and she became interested in my dilemma.. This is her foray. In a short time, Amanda has directed traffic back to the Forums. She has made our presence known on Social Media,’’ and energized our business!!

I love this girl!! Entirely.


Eric Stevens, Farewell Birds and Pest Control 

I had great experience with Amanda. She is super friendly. She designed my web really well. Very happy with the way it turned out!!

Mary Bruck, Vibrant Health Ayurveda 

I loved working with Amanda. If you have website needs, she is your “WebGirl”!! I needed someone who was passionate about health and wellness and attentive to detail and creative. I had a good amount of complicated information and we needed to simplify it and bring it up to date. She did all of that PLUS – she gave me strategies for increasing traffic to my site which did not include google ad words as I was on a limited budget. She went way above and beyond my requirements and did a stellar job.

Get a New Site from a Longmont Web Design Company

Be delighted and get a website that is better than you expect. We are a Longmont web design company that listens to what you need and how you want your brand represented on the internet. Start a conversation below to get a free estimate.

Web Design Estimate
Add-on Services Your Interested In

Get 5% off Your Longmont Web Design

If you are a Longmont based company, get 5% off your first project with us. 

Website Redesign – $2,000

If you reuse most of the content and add some new information to it, this will save you a lot of time and effort into your website redesign project. For about 6-10 pages, your website redesign will cost $2,000. You can expect to pay a little bit more for additional pages. 

What You Get

  • 6-10 Pages
  • 5-10 Free Stock Photos 
  • A Static (no marketing needed) or a WordPress (marketing needed) Site
  • A theme that is drag and drop, which is an intuitive way to change the content and update your website
  • Training on how to update your new site
  • A beautiful, modern, clean website design
  • Responsive layout that looks good on all device sizes and browsers

Website Design for Growing Businesses $3,000 – $5,000+

If you are a business that is expanding and wants more and more customers, day after day, then you need your website to be a powerful marketing tool. One of the best ways to grow your website is through WordPress or Squarespace. These two platforms are the best for optimizing your site for Google search results. We will help guide you on what content to add to your site and make the process of designing your website super easy. 

Below is what you get for a $3,000 site, additional pages, and features may be an additional cost. 

What You Get

  • Everything from the redesign plan
  • Website content writing assistance and guidance (this is the hardest part)

Additional Purchases Required

  • Domain Name
  • Hosting (if we get hit by a bus, you want control over your site)
  • SSL Certificate
  • Email

Siteground offers all of the above for $95 per year, other hosting services will charge you individually for everything above and cost you more. 

Website Animations

If you like some slight movement on your website, we do too. Animation can go very wrong, but when done well, you end up with a unique experience that delights your site visitors. Some of the most recent animations we have done are best exemplified on CacheQ. We have another site with motion coming soon, so come back!

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Did you know

The original design for Longmont, in the 1800’s had stores along Main Street, just as you see it today and arranged the rest of town to stem out from there. This explains everything. They put industrial buildings along the railroads and the well known St. Vrain River.