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Track Website Traffic with Google Analytics
We will configure Google Analytics to track and report on the traffic to your website. We will generate a weekly report that includes the following:

  • Number of new users to your website
  • Number of sessions from old and new users
  • Which Pages are visited
  • The average length of time users spend on your website
  • User’s location information such as country, city, & state
  • Time of day users are coming to your website
  • And so much more

You will receive the report by email every Monday. We will use the reports to create campaign and web page goals at the beginning of each month.


Build a Press Contact List

We will create a press contact list using Google Alerts. Google will alert me via email whenever it finds a page with a keyword such as “Web Design”, “Website Development”, or “Digital Marketing”, for example. If the webpage is a news source, we will locate the contact email of the journalist and add it to our press contact list.

The intention is that if a journalist has written about web design in the past, he or she is very likely to have interest in writing about it again.

Eventually we will have a long list of 100 warm press contact leads. Once we have a good list of press contacts, we will send a press release article and hope someone wants to publish an article in the news about us. We will submit the article we create to our list and to will help give us a very large reach beyond our press contact list.

Deliver Mailchimp Email Campaigns
Setting up Mailchimp is quick and simple. It involves creating an email template and uploading contacts to our list. We will create the email template once and then use it for every email after that. If you have no contacts yet, we will begin with collecting emails on the website.

We will send a bi-weekly newsletter to our contact list. To keep growing the list we will promote the newsletter through social media post, website design tweeks and some word-of-mouth efforts.

We will source content for the email from blogs, facebook post, company news, customer highlights, influencer highlights, feature products or services and stories from the founders.

Create a Website Design for Sales Conversions
We are going to setup the website to collect emails. If we provide documents, for example a PDF, we will ask for an email first. We need to have the newsletter signup button super easy to find somewhere on the website, either in the footer or the menu, both is best.

We will review the website and be sure the homepage is immediately displaying the value of your service or product.

People always have questions. If they can ask right away, it almost always leads to a sale. To get more sales, we will add PureChat a service that will let website viewers chat with us immediately, but only when a company representative is available.


Increase Search Engine Optimization
We will conduct keyword research and find 150 words you will rank for. We will begin to put these words or phrases throughout blogs, and social media post. Learn more about SEO here.


Talk to More Customers with Social Media

We will create weekly content for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and your blog.

My Web Dev Girl will publish the blogs to your website, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Medium and Blogger. Our campaigning will begin on these accounts and once we have an established presence here, we will increase the amount of accounts we subscribe to, up to 50. This will allow us to reach a very broad audience and generate a large amount of traffic.

This is by no means an all inclusive list of what we are going to accomplish together. This however, is going to be an excellent start. Have any questions or want to get a free quote contact me here.  

I thank you with my whole heart for reading this post.