My Professional History

My mother is a computer programmer and my father is an IT manager. Computer programming is in my blood. Fortunately, sales is as well.

I have been in sales for approximately 5 years. I graduated from Metro State University of Denver in 2013 with a B.A. in Psychology.

My first job was door-to-door sales selling Centurylink and DirecTV packages. For great performance, I was awarded a trip to Orlando and then left that position after 5 months.

My second job was cold calling veterinarians selling them mobile applications. Working with a woman entrepreneur in her basement gave be experience and knowledge I needed for the success of my own company. I am forever grateful to her for the experience.

A couple cubicle jobs later I decided to teach myself how to code websites. I learned HTML and CSS pretty quickly. In order to pursue the dream of being a web designer I moved back in with my mother, in Longmont, CO. Thanks to my fearlessness of attending meetups, I stumbled into an internship learning WordPress. I will also forever be grateful for the knowledge I gained from the time spent with my mentor from Mt. Dog Media.

Longmont, CO | Website Developer

Almost immediately following my internship I started my own company.

Taking on a few friends as clients at first and then a few professional clients, my company grew one website at a time. In tandem to web development, a friend asked me to manage his Facebook account.


I still manage that account today and have learned many of the tactics I use for others from this still growing account. My WordPress knowledge continues to expand as well, in addition to my coding experience.

The ultimate success of my company is attributed to two professional support organizations, CoSolve (a coworking space) and (1BC) an alternative Chamber, one of the biggest professional networking groups in Colorado.

I now have launched over 25 websites and currently help several companies with their digital marketing. I love the mix of intellectual challenges that come with technology and the creative side of marketing.

About Working with Clients

I love the feeling of delighting my clients with results and under promising. I often work for free without any expectation of anything in return, until they get something. I work hard to prove myself and guarantee results before asking my clients for anything. I never say yes to a client unless I am absolutely certain I can send them qualified leads that will bring them income.

I am going to be successful and my dream is that you are going to be successful too, and I can help you get there.

My Personal Life

In my free time, I love to camp and hike. The mountains are my sanctuary. My end dream is to travel but my personal finance goals come first. I read more personal finance books than most and love talking about the movement of money (a term coined by one of my clients).

I have a very sweet and surprisingly calm chihuahua named Lilly. She is 7-years-old as of Dec. 2018. This 7lb dog is very well behaved and I am increasingly growing thankful for her every year.