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UX Design

Mobile Application

Crypto Investing App

Research Methods:

  • Observing friends and family use similar apps
  • Watching investors on YouTube and seeing how they invest
  • Creating accounts for seven different competing applications
  • Investing a small amount to gain knowledge about the process

Identified Problems:

  • Users are switching between the app and a calculator.
  • Investors are making their pie charts to understand their portfolio diversity graphically. 
  • I found frustration in the Information Architecture. Users are clicking multiple pages before getting the information they want or switching back and forth between pages to compare information.

Key Changes and Additions:

  • Rearranging the Information Architecture
  • Adding a Calculator within the Applications
  • Adding a Pie Chart to the Portfolio section

After several card sorting exercises, I designed a user persona, user flow, and wireframe.


The Prototype

    UI Design


    Bryan Matthews Concrete

    We redesigned their existing website with the intention to reorganize the content and highlight their beautiful portfolio. I took an existing template as the structure and filled in the images, text and colors.


    Top 4 Web Design Projects


    Bryan Matthews Concrete

    Bryan Matthews is an Oregon based commercial concrete specialist with over 20 years of experience. Their outdated WordPress site was updated with a new theme and a modern aesthetic. They do beautiful work and needed a website to match.

    Design Notes: We reorganized the content to showcase the services they provide instead of a list of specific customers. We also used only images and content related to commercial properties because they have discontinued serving residential homes. The shift in content focus and Information Archteccture has genearted more qualified leads.


    CacheQ is a startup developing a software product that will allow software developers to deploy their applications easier and faster.  Design Notes: The website needed to showcase how futuristic their ideas are and accurately describe what problems they are solving. I accomplished this by designing a cool and modern website with content provided by the customer. I organized the content into bite sizes of information through the site.

    Web Design Longmont CO, Web Designer Longmont CO
    Web Design Longmont CO, Web Designer Longmont CO

    HTML / Hand-coded Site

    Global Weather Corporation

    I wrote every line of code on this website and learned a lot in the process. Design Notes: We added pages for each service they offer, which was included in a single page on the original site. I created an interactive PointWX map that feeds users weather data from anywhere in the world, and reduced their website from 60 pages to 20.

    Eight One Partners

    We created a modern website for the most innovative accounting firm in Colorado. The owner also has a startup a startup in addition to his accounting practice and needed a website that showcases how forward thinking he is. Design Notes: The design incorporates web design trends outside of a typical site. Almost every part of the site is interactive in a way that you might not expect but remains a delightful experience. The redesign successfully attracted customers with higher revenues. 

    Web Design Longmont CO, Web Designer Longmont CO
    Web Design Longmont CO, Web Designer Longmont CO

    More Web Design Projects


    Hillcrest Glass

    Hillcrest Glass approached me and several other website designers in the area. I was fortunate enough to be the chosen one. We updated their website and gave them a clearn modern look. We organized their scattered content and pages and consolidated everything into a design that is easier to navigate.

    Wiggs Custom Homes

    An outdated site transformed to look and feel up to date while maintaining the traditional home builder aesthetic that Chris is known for.

    Brad Bolon – GemPath

    A simple website to showcase the published works and experience of a Vetinary Pathologist.

    Atlas Homehealth

    A Denver based Homeheath Care company approached me to work on her site after the last designer abandoned them. She needed a website that was easy to maintain and easy for her employees to use as a learning resource.

    LindgrenLaw Group LLC

    The original site was designed in the 1900’s and was brought up to date in 2019. It now has a clean modern aesthetic.

    Vibrant Health Ayurveda & Yoga

    We transitioned this site from to We added a shopping cart with WooCommerce to help this practitioner make it easier for clients to get their medicinal treatments. Additionally, we updated the appearance to modern and clean.

    Zebulon Solutions

    Zebulon Solutions was proud of their new commercial video and wanted a new WordPress theme that would help them expose it. We added it to the header on the Home page and included the full version on the About Us page. We also updated the appearance of this site with not only a new theme but also colors to match their new logo. We enjoyed creating the custom graphics for this site.


    HTML / Hand-coded Site

    Brewer Law LLC

    Kurt Brewer is a fabulous attorney and we needed a website that says exactly that. From the pictures to the transitions this website fits this man’s personality perfectly.

    Peak Benefit Solutions

    Peak Benefit Solutions, LLC built their company for 2 years before getting a website and we were happy to be their web designers.

    First Time Home Buyers Conference

    This event needed a website and the host needed it fast. My Web Dev Girl was happy to help.

    Lumi Lash

    Lumi Lash wanted something really simple and beautiful and we delivered.