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The Price of

Digital Marketing

There are two ways digital marketing agents are compensated; retainers or commission.

Who retainers make sense for.

If you are super busy, want minimal communication with your agent, let’s say once per month, need to be hands-off, dislike being online ever, then paying a retainer makes the most sense for you. You can expect to pay from $500 to $2,500/mo. This price range will get you management of one account to all the possible online social accounts and website optimization.

Who commissions make sense for.

If you prefer paying for marketing after you get paid then commission is a good option for you. This requires you to be more hands-on, and you can expect to speak with your agent once a week or more. Expect to pay anywhere from 3-30% commission or a set amount per lead, even if the sale doesn’t go through. Your agent will create a lot of content to publish on multiple social platforms and work on search engine optimization. Your agent may network in person at local professional events on behalf of your company.

Both are very viable options for the right business owner.

The Full Cost of a Website and It’s Marketing

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