With My Web Dev Girl You Will Have the Power to...

Track Website Traffic with Google Analytics

Build a Press Contact List

Create a Website Design for Sales Conversions

Deliver Mailchimp Email Campaigns

Increase Search Engine Optimization

Talk to More Customers with Social Media

Google Analytics Web Developers in Longmont, CO

Why does your Longmont, CO Company Need Digital Marketing?

  • To receive instant customer feedback on your services or product
  • To listen and learn about the Longmont residents
  • To publish one Facebook post which is like speaking to a whole conference room of people
  • To keep ahead of the competition by staying active on Facebook
  • To reach a wider audience with your marketing campaigns
  • To find community partnerships easier by supporting other Facebook Business pages
Digital Marketing Agents in Longmont, CO

11 Ways to Increase Your SEO & A Step-By-Step Guide

    1) Sign Up for Google Analytics, Google Trends and Submit a Sitemap

    2) Give Your SEO Efforts Time to Kick In

    3) Avoid Getting on the Bad List to Enhance Your SEO

    4) Change Content on a Regular Basis to Increase SEO

    5) Conduct Keyword Research with the Google Search Bar

    6) Write a Blog Post for SEO

    7) Create Backlinks That Bring Traffic to Your Site and Put You onto Google’s Radar


Google Analytics Web Developers in Longmont, CO