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Get a website redesign or a new site for your company. We delight our customers and exceed expectations. Check out our reviews on Google. Web Design in Boulder is better than any other place in the world. The talent here is like none other. Getting a website designed by a Boulder web design company is undoubtedly not going to disappoint. Start a conversation below to get a free estimate.

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A Few of Our Boulder Web Design Projects

Attorney – LindgrenLaw Group LLC

Karin Lindgren reopened the doors for her attorney practice and needed to redesign her website. Her original site was built in the ’90s and certainly looked like it. We extracted the written content and images and reworked it to fit her practice today. After getting fresh content, we inserted it into a WordPress website with a theme that drag and drop and intuitive to use. She can now make changes and updates as she wishes, and the site came out looking modern and professional.

AI – Weather Forecasting

Global Weather Corporation needed to make some updates to their website and wanted it off their busy hands. They handed the site over to me, and seeing that they weren’t going to make many updates, we created a static HTML, CSS, and JS website. This site is low maintenance and professional looking.

Ayurveda Practitioner – Vibrant Health Ayurveda & Yoga

Mary Bruck had a WordPress website with a lot of content but a dated look. As she was finishing up her doctoral program, she needed a fresh look and wanted to turn it into an e-commerce store. On her site, she sells multiple holistic remedies such as tinctures, and rosewater eye drops. We have successfully done some SEO for her website, too, and it’s now generating leads for her Panchakarma and other services.

Employee Benefits – Peak Benefit Solutions

Chris Pilgrim was helping several clients with his services and figured it was time to make a site. We blended his passion for hiking in the mountains with his employment services and created a beautiful website.

Website Animations

Movement on your site is eye-catching and a unique experience to your users who are used to seeing still images. The key to the animation is slow movements rather than eye jerking fast animations. Some of the most recent animations we have done are best exemplified on CacheQ. We have another site with motion coming soon, so come back!

Web Design Pricing Plans

Website Redesign – $2,000

If you reuse most of the content and add some new information to it, this will save you a lot of time and effort into your website redesign project. For about 6-10 pages, your website redesign will cost $2,000. You can expect to pay a little bit more for additional pages. 

What You Get

  • 6-10 Pages
  • 5-10 Free Stock Photos 
  • A Static (no marketing needed) or a WordPress (marketing needed) Site
  • A theme that is drag and drop, which is an intuitive way to change the content and update your website
  • Training on how to update your new site
  • A beautiful, modern, clean website design
  • Responsive layout that looks good on all device sizes and browsers

Website Design for Growing Businesses $3,000 – $5,000+

If you are a business that is expanding and wants more and more customers, day after day, then you need your website to be a powerful marketing tool. One of the best ways to grow your website is through WordPress or Squarespace. These two platforms are the best for optimizing your site for Google search results. We will help guide you on what content to add to your site and make the process of designing your website super easy. 

Below is what you get for a $3,000 site, additional pages, and features may be an additional cost. 

What You Get

  • Everything from the redesign plan
  • Website content writing assistance and guidance (this is the hardest part)

Additional Purchases Required

  • Domain Name
  • Hosting (if we get hit by a bus, you want control over your site)
  • SSL Certificate
  • Email

Siteground offers all of the above for $95 per year, other hosting services will charge you individually for everything above and cost you more. 

How to Choose a Web Design Company

How to Choose a Web Design Company

Most importantly, do you like the work in their portfolio?  If you are looking through their previous work and you are utterly appalled by their designs, your best move onto the next company. However, if you find that their aesthetic matches the design aesthetic you...

Did you know 

Gold seekers founded Boulder and divided up the land between 4,044 lots and sold each for $1,000. Later they reduced the price to persuade more people to move here. Can you image paying $1,000 for a piece of land in Boulder?