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A Few of Our Web Design Projects

E-commerce – Vibrant Health Ayurveda & Yoga

As Mary Bruck was finishing her doctoral program for Ayurvedic medicine, it was time to freshen up her web design too. She had a WordPress site, and we not only updated her aesthetic but made her site into an E-Commerce store. She sells holistic remedies such as custom tinctures, custom herbal blends, and rose water eye drops. View her lovely website at

Software Development – CacheQ

CacheQ is an innovative startup changing the way software developers deploy their applications and making is a far more efficient process. Their website is futuristic, cool, and modern. It’s animated with a fresh interactive web design. Check it out!

Commercial Concrete – Bryan Matthews Concrete

Bryan Matthews Specialty Concrete Finishes is a Portland, OR based company that does absolutely beautiful work for commercial properties. They deserved a website that matches their magnificent work. Their new website is stunning and showcases their work in the best way. Check it out!

Accounting – Eight One Partners

Ian Netherton and his team are creative financial advisors for entrepreneurs. Ian is the founder of a startup and needed a website for his accounting firm that said, futuristic, technical, and sleek. The new site is an unexpected design with a unique experience. Check it out!

Attorneys – Brewer Law LLC

Kurt Brewer and his team needed a website redesign that was low maintenance. We gave him a design that matches his personality. It’s confident, elegant, smooth, and unique, just like Kurt. We are proud of the way this one came out. Check it out.

Engineer Consultants – Zebulon Solutions

An engineering company that helps startups make their products manufacturing ready. Zebulon has worked on a project for Xbox and other big names. They produced a video that showcased their company and wanted to highlight it in new website design. Their website does that, and it highlights their purple branding with specialty graphics and gradients. Check it out!

If you need your website to generate leads, we highly recommend you make additional efforts for your online marketing. The three things you need to focus on are; SEO, Social Media, and Paid Advertising

About Working with My Web Dev Girl

It’s a dream that you love your website, and I can help you get there.

After talking to you and determining what you need, we will begin the design process. Together, we will collect images and other text you need for the site. You will receive a link to the testing site so that you can watch the live progress of your web design as it’s happening. 

Why work with My Web Dev Girl

  • Convenience
  • Honesty
  • Exceeding Expectations
  • Animated Web Design
  • Beautiful, Clean and Modern 

I love the feeling of delighting my clients with results and under-promising. I take the time to get to know your company and then create a game plan that fits your budget and goals. I put my whole heart into everything I do and that’s the best marketing “trick” you can use. 


Byron Dunn, 

I created powerlineman in 1997 on the cutting edge of the internet. After twenty years of trying to keep up with the “cutting edge”,, when Facebook came along, I was not interested, Social Media? Not interested… Just a fad…. I had pretty much thrown in the towel when it came to “Social Media” and learning something new…At 63 years old and twenty years involved in the internet,… I wasn’t willing to deal with this new thing. At the same time, our Forums were in decline.

By happen chance, I had known Amanda for many years as a friend but, not known what her business is…

At a local party, I mentioned to her my distress with having to learn Facebook and deal with Social Media and she became interested in my dilemma.. This is her foray. In a short time, Amanda has directed traffic back to the Forums. She has made our presence known on Social Media,’’ and energized our business!!

I love this girl!! Entirely.


Eric Stevens, Farewell Birds and Pest Control 

I had great experience with Amanda. She is super friendly. She designed my web really well. Very happy with the way it turned out!!

Mary Bruck, Vibrant Health Ayurveda 

I loved working with Amanda. If you have website needs, she is your “WebGirl”!! I needed someone who was passionate about health and wellness and attentive to detail and creative. I had a good amount of complicated information and we needed to simplify it and bring it up to date. She did all of that PLUS – she gave me strategies for increasing traffic to my site which did not include google ad words as I was on a limited budget. She went way above and beyond my requirements and did a stellar job.

Get a Web Design of Your Dreams

Good website design is easy to use, clean and has a modern aesthetic. Engaging web design has animations that delight the user. We build websites for small and medium-sized companies. Our service areas include; anywhere in the United States, Canada, and the UK.

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How to Choose a Web Design Company

How to Choose a Web Design Company

Most importantly, do you like the work in their portfolio?  If you are looking through their previous work and you are utterly appalled by their designs, your best move onto the next company. However, if you find that their aesthetic matches the design aesthetic you...