Web Development

Reasons to hand code a website

1) It's easy to customize and create a unique aesthetic
Sites on content management systems all look the same. Changing just one aspect of the design will make your site memorable. The ease at which we can put the menu down the side of the page for example is magnified with a custom site.

2) Your website will stand-up to massive surges of traffic
If you make it onto Shark Tank and get 1 million people to your website, it will not crash. If it does, just pop it up onto another server.

3) Optimum web performance for faster loading times
Content management systems have a lot of extra baggage. With hand-code you eliminate the unnecessary bulk. Your website loads in 1/10 of the time. Faster websites get ranked higher on Google.

4) Your website will last for decades or more
Traditional code will last forever without updating. If you want to upgrade, you only invest in making small aesthetic changes. We do not use the newest and latest framework. This way, we have no need to rebuild or reintegrate to the latest framework because the last one is no longer working.

5) Highly Secure!
Sites on content management systems are a hackers dream. They can easily attack millions of sites at one time, because all sites are structured the same. With hand-code, we will jumble the code and make it really difficult to find the important things.

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