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11 Things Your Website Development Needs at Minimum

  1. A great hosting company creates a strong foundation for the growth of your website. You do not want a website that will crash because the server can’t handle large amounts of traffic or content. We recommend Siteground.
  2. Visitors know exactly what your site is about in 5 seconds of being there.
  3. You have a call-to-action button above the fold.
  4. Your contact/location information is easy to find, wherever you are on your site.
  5. Your site is aesthetically pleasing and functionally easy to use. If your site looks out of date, it will appear you are out of business. A modern look is so important.
  6. Relevant, original and useful content is written in a way that your guest can easily read it. You have to write your own content and use royalty-free images, you cannot just use information off Google. A good source for free images is Unsplash or Pixabay.
  7. Each page has a minimum of 800 words for it to show up in Google Search Results. Soon, if not now the standards are moving to 2,000-5,000 words per page.
  8. Your site has several layers of security in place. Robots are running rampant all over the web these days and your site needs to be protected.
  9. Your site is GDPR compliant if you are selling or advertising in the UK.
  10. You are ACA compliant (meaning accessible) if you are brick and mortar or municipality.
  11. Analytics tools are in place to measure the performance of your website. A couple of examples include Google Analytics, HotJar, and aHrefs.

Get an E-Commerce or Informational Website Developed 

We work for small-to-medium size companies.

Our experience varies from hand-coding websites to WordPress development. If you are happy with your current site, making small updates is easy.

Do you need a hand-coded site?

Established small companies need something very simple that will last them 10-15 years. If you do not update your website regularly than a hand-coded site makes sense for you. It is for the service provider who does not need any marketing assistance, the plumber, the electrician, the lawyer, or accountant. 

A hand-coded website has no maintenance fees and is developed with programming languages such as HTML, CSS, & JS. See our portfolio for example sites we’ve hand-coded. These are some of the most beautiful and uniques sites we’ve created.

Do You Need a WordPress Site?

New and growing companies need a website developed in WordPress because the content is constantly changing, or they need to sell a product on their site. They need a powerful marketing machine.

If you are a business owner who likes being able to tweak your website content yourself, WordPress makes that possible.

Bloggers, artists, writers, insurance agents, restaurants, speakers, for example, all need a WordPress site. See our portfolio, for example WordPress sites that we’ve done for our clients. These sites are large, beautiful and powerful. With ongoing support, these sites will work for you as a supportive marketing tool.

Security is absolutely important for all kinds of websites

Those Russians sure do like testing us. One of the best reasons to build a hand-coded website is for security. You cannot easily hack an HTML, CSS, and JS website.

The good news for those of you who need a WordPress site is that there is this wonderful plugin called WordFence that protects your website. We make it mandatory for everyone who has WordPress to get it right now! This plugin protects your site from the bad guys, so you can feel good about any potential security risk. WordFence will also help you get rid of any malicious code that does get onto your site.

Get a Free Estimate and Start a Conversation

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