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What is SEO?

What is SEO?

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization which is basically a verb. It's making your website show up in the search results on any searching site, for example Google, Bing, Alexa, or Duck Duck Go.

It’s increasing your chances of being seen on the first page when people search for “Chiropractors in Longmont” for example. If your showing up on the first page of these search results your prospect is going to click on your website and hopefully call you.

It’s finding out what people are looking for on Google by using the Google Keywords Planner and then building your website to answer those queries.

What Gets You on the First Page?

  • Name your pages with keywords and separate each word in the URL with a hyphen. For example, chiro.com/chiropractors-in-longmont
  • Make sure your metadata is filled out.
  • Title Tags - 50-60 characters long
  • Keyword Tags - no more than 10 phrases
  • Description Tags - 160-300 characters
  • Alt Tags - must accurately describe what is in the image but try to naturally get a keyword into it.
  • Author Tags - You want credit for the content don't you? Include your company and your name.
  • Use Keywords in the headings of your pages, the H1’s, H2’s and H3’s. Only have one H1 and H2.
  • Have a favicon, it’s the little image that shows up in the tab on your browser.
  • Have an SSL certificate.
  • Have a button visible when you first get to any page on your site, before you scroll.
  • Have 500-1000 words on each page. Make your sentences short and have paragraphs no longer than 4 sentences.
  • Add a Schema Markup to your site.
  • Get your pages loading in 1-2 seconds or less.
  • Have a mobile responsive website.
  • Get backlinks where really popular sites link back to yours.
  • Cache your website.
  • Make your website engaging so that people stay on it longer by adding quizzes or interactive features, and helpful content.
  • Setup the main social media pages and link to each on your site.
  • Submit a sitemap to the Google Search Console. Setup Google Analytics too.
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Fast Action Plan to Increase Your SEO Ranking

  1. Find keywords you will easily rank for by using the Google Keyword Planner. Pick words with Low competition and High search volume to start.
  2. Create an account for as many online social networks and blog sites as possible. Here is a list of the Top 15 Most Popular Social Networking Sites and Apps to get you started.
  3. Sign up for Buffer a tool that will allow you to schedule 2000 social media post at once, saving you a lot of time.
  4. Connect all of the accounts you made earlier to Buffer.
  5. Write just one blog with a lot of headlines, keywords and short sentences. The first one is the hardest. Get that one done, and you can accomplish anything.
  6. Now, you are half way. Call me if you are feeling stuck or insecure about your publishing your post. I will give you thoughts of encouragement.
  7. Publish your blog to your website, medium and Buffer.
  8. Now go write your second article and make it a press release. Use full paragraphs in this article and one stunning image.
  9. Submit it to PR.com and watch your article appear on a lot of different websites.
  10. Write another blog, post it to your website, medium, and Buffer, then write another, and just keep the cycle going.
  11. Ask a developer to test your sites performance and accessibility for additional optimization.

Contact me now to request a free consultation. After talking to you and determining what you need, I will send you a well thought out marketing plan. When we have an agreed upon engagement plan, I will start selling for you.